Joe Bazey’s Garage

Joe Bazey is the developer of the GSC campus. You will often find him in garage #69, which is the model that he would grudgingly sell. Joe keeps his own collection of cruisers and projects in this space that also holds his office.

Joe grew up around cars, as his dad owned a junk yard. Joe eventually purchased the junk yard from his father and ran it for several years…oh how he wishes he could have some of those crushed cars back.

While living in downtown Minneapolis with his wife Sarah, the lack of garage space got him thinking. Hence, the construction of Garage Solution Condominiums. He discovered many people had the same problem, hobbies bigger than their garages!

He is currently in the process of building himself a Ford Torino, when he isn’t busy building man caves. Hanging around with the owners who join this motorsports community is among his favorite perks of the job!

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