Escape to the Garage

As we all navigate this unusual time we are looking for ways to fill our time, socialize, and stay active.

For the owners of garages here at GSC, that transition has been helped by having a fun place to go. Owners are spending time at their garages working on projects, pursuing hobbies, enjoying a change of scenery, and socializing at a safe distance.

“Appreciating Our Garage Condo More Than Ever!”

Owners, Dan and Tracy Strantz, shared this with us “During this time where our family has been practicing social distancing for the past few weeks (and will be for several more), we are appreciating our Garage Condo more than ever!  It has been a welcome getaway to get out of the house, work on our spring RV projects, and enjoy time away from home.”

We’ve always known these garage condos were a special place. A place where people can enjoy their time doing things they love, while surrounded by the people and things they love. The uncertain times caused by COVID-19 have reminded us all how precious time and connection are.

If you’ve spent years putting off your passions and postponing enjoyment, give some thought to your priorities. GSC is more than just over-sized storage. GSC is a community with shared interests. Purchasing space here is also an invest you can enjoy for years to come. We’ve had a couple owners comment they wish they would’ve gone with a larger space rather than losing money in the stock market.

Despite the challenges, we continue to make progress finishing out buildings and pre-selling the next two buildings. We’d love to welcome you into our community. Someday, hopefully soon, we’ll shake hands and work side by side on a project, but until then know that we’re hanging out in the garage.




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