The “Storage Condominium Concept” is rapidly becoming the storage solution of the future because of the numerous benefits of ownership:

  • A mortgage payment, on a square foot basis, can be competitive with rental properties
  • If you elect to pay with cash or finance the investment with a mortgage, at some point there are no additional payments to make
  • Return on investment (there is no return of rent, once the money is spent it is gone forever)
  • No rental increases or renewal hassles
  • The property will be an asset on your personal financial statement
  • The property may appreciate over time, depending on real estate conditions
  • The property may offer tax benefits such as depreciation and the ability to deduct mortgage interest (consult with a tax professional)
  • Ability to customize the space to meet your personal needs as identified in Unit Design & Specs
  • Low maintenance and innovative materials have been selected
  • Environmental awareness has been at the forefront of design from pavement, to landscape, to building materials
  • Unit owners become members of an association, which allow them to enjoy a partnership participation in the management and maintenance decisions regarding the common areas
  • Expenses for improvements can be recaptured at the time of the sale of a property
  • Pride in Ownership

Just envision, you and your loved ones return home from an exhilerating adventure and park your toys in the warm, dry, safe and secure space of your very own Garage Solution Condominium!


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